Main Firefox Testing Tools

Main Firefox Testing Tools

I use various software testing tools which make our life easier. One of the most important tools for testing is a web browser and the most popular browser is Firefox.
Firefox is a powerful browser with open source code and if you want to see its strength, you can install add-ons on it (so-called plugins or extensions). In this article, we will analyze some Firefox extensions, useful for a tester and which will help to make your life easier.
Firebug is one of the most popular Firefox add-ons for software testing which adds a set of web developer tools exactly to your browser. It helps you to easily edit HTML, CSS elements, and JavaScript on any web page with a possibility to see the effect of the changes in a real-time mode. Firebug is also widely used by automated testers for searching the web elements.
Web developer Toolbar
“Web Developer” extension for Firefox adds numerous web developer options exactly to your browser which give additional capabilities and flexibility to a web testing process.
Using this add-on, you can easily test web elements, for example, h1title tags, meta tags, forms, and images, etc. It also allows you to easily display the information about styles for any web element with the possibility to edit CSS.
Web Developer and Firebug together are a strong combination! No matter will you continue reading or not, I highly recommend you to install these 2 extensions.
FireShot is a perfect add-on for taking screenshots of the web pages. After taking a screenshot, you can send it via mail, print it and save in PDF, PNG, GIF, JPEG or BMP format.
Fox Splitter & Tile Tabs
Fox Splitter & Tile Tabs are two good add-ons which divide the window of Firefox browser into several windows. You can locate them in the horizontal, vertical or net way.
So you can easily compare two web pages and this is really useful in the process of comparing different versions of the same web application or even if your project specifications are available on internal Internet portal and you have a test application opened in another window.
You can also use “Fox splitter” or “Tile Tabs” at home to view web pages in one window with your favorite movie or YouTube video opened in another window.
Firesizer is a very useful extension which helps you to check how your web application will look in different sizes of the browser’s window. If you want to test a web application in different screen resolutions, then Firesizer is all you need!

MeasureIt is one more simple and useful add-on for Firefox for checking the height and width of web elements on any web page. It draws a ruler around the elements and shows height and width along the line which helps you to test a web application for pixels.
iMacros – Automate Repetitive Work

If you seriously concern automation of web applications, then you certainly use Selenium IDE. But such thing as iMacros is a perfect add-on to automate a few tasks.
You can use iMacros to record and reproduce repeated and tedious tasks such as everyday opening the same set of websites and also entering a user’s login and password for entering, filling out the forms, etc. You can also use it for functional testing, performance testing and regression testing of web applications.
iMacros can automate everything you do in a Firefox browser window. You can share a script created in iMacros with others to avoid repeatable work.
Print Pages to PDF
This Firefox extension is useful when you want to save a web page in PDF format which you can send in a form of attachment or print it. Print pages to PDF will be a really efficient solution if you are working on a particular web application and you need to display a particular web page.

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